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Laboratory Stereo Microscope


This stereo microscope package offers excellent performance at a great price. You can view objects in sharp, clear, three-dimensional images.

It gives you a choice of magnifications, from 20X, 40X or 80X !!

This reliable precision stereo microscope is designed for professional applications and is recommended for industrial quality control applications. It is also suitable for a wide range of other uses, such as dissecting, electronic repairs, the studying of rocks and minerals, etc..

It gives you a wide field of view, long working distance, and a sharp three dimensional image.

With its two light sources, you not only can study large objects, but also view prepared microscope slides.

This package includes the following features:-

* 2X AND 4X Objectives

* A pair of 10X wide field eyepieces

* A pair of 20X wide field eyepieces

* 2 light sources, top AND bottom

* Rack and pinion focusing

* Portable and easy to use

Note: This scope is very to use, with very little set-up. Therefore NO instruction manual is included with it.

Laboratory Stereo Microscope XTD314FRegular price: $199.99Sale price: $89.99