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Triple Action Solar Car

Educational Robotic Kit

This futuristic robot solar car is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative energy. It features an aerodynamic sports car shell design, 4 wheel chassis, powerful 1.4v - 350 milliamp solar cell and a transparent plastic body that can be painted or left clear to display the car's inner mechanical construction. The steerable front axle, real wheel, and adjustable (directional/angle) solar panel mount are all independent, so you can take the original body parts and create your own solar project.

The Triple Action Solar Car kit is CONVERTIBLE: The two way battery source allows you to power the car by battery or solar energy. The kit design is an aerodynamic racer or tractor, and features a multi-speed transmission.

This is a marvelous educational science project for ages 12 and up. Beginner level experience.

Simple tools required are scissors, small hammer, diagonal cutter, adhesive tape. No soldering required.

Note: Warranty is offered by OWI.

Solar Car Kit OWI 685Regular price: $41.95Sale price: $39.99