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Organic Molecular Model Set

This economical individual student organic molecular model structure set is designed for classroom activities in organic chemistry.

Ideal for studying homology, isomerism, functional groups, and nomenclature.

There is no limit to the number of three-dimensional molecules which can be constructed - both polar and nonpolar. Two or more sets can be combined for more complex molecules.

The set consists of 35 colored wooden balls, 6 black carbon, 2 blue nitrogen, 15 yellow hydrogen, 4 red oxygen, 4 green chlorine, 2 orange sodium, 2 purple potassium, and coiled springs to represent the following bonds - 12 aliphatic carbon, 12 carbon-hydrogen, and 6 aromatic carbon.

The balls are all of 3/4" diameter. The balls are jointed by coil springs. There are 30 coil springs of three different lengths, 1.5" (12), 1" (12), and 1.125" (6).

Instructions included.

For ages 12 and up.

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